Sunday, July 28, 2013

What I Learned This Weekend

Had an activity packed weekend and learned  (or confirmed) a few things.  It's never to late to learn.

  • There is hope for the future when a 13 year old and a 6 year old demonstrate intellectual curiosity.
Hebrew is written right to left.

Trader Joe's has the best brownie mix on earth.

WGN Radio (confirmation) should stand for World's Grossest Nonsense.  The only intelligent conversation taking place is from Lou Manfredini, to whom I listen even though I'm never going to fix anything for the rest of my life.

Some of the most civil people in the world volunteer at the Newberry Library.

The face of the Newberry Book Fair is shifting.  As bookstores disappear and people gravitate toward electronic reading devices, the number of fiction, mystery, romance and sci-fi book donations is shrinking - leaving those real book lovers like me disappointed on our finds in those genres.

Free speech is still alive in Bughouse Square.

Cooking Mexican food (confirmed) from scratch is messier and more work than Thanksgiving Dinner.

If it wasn't for the BBC,  Saturday night American television would be irrelevant.

And finally.  CONFIRMEDIf you live in Chicago you can never safely put away your winter clothes.


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  2. the wonderful end to another great Crawfordism. It's summer so I stubbornly put on shorts and have been cold all day. As a 20-something Bughouse Square was an 'in' thing....nice to know as a 70-something it's still alive. And it's a sad commentary on the times when we notice and appreciate civil and polite interactions in every day life.

    As always..."More, please.."